My Personal Golf Fitness Case Study

My Personal Golf Fitness Case Study

My Personal Golf Fitness Case Study

I don’t generally make New Year’s Resolutions but this year I have decided to perform a case study on myself. I recently fell off the wagon if you will with my training, my eating habits and my golf practice. This fall from the wagon was started by the birth of my son in August and continued on with a minor surgical procedure and a bout of low back pain both taking me out of activity a couple of weeks each at the end of the year. I finished it all off with the holidays enjoying way too much food and drink. Therefore it has been about a month since I have been under the bar and have only played on average once a month since August. I tell you all of this because it is important to remember that his happens to everyone even those of us that are in the profession of health and fitness.

In that time frame I have gained 10-12 lbs. and around 3 inches around my waist. I lost 4-5 mph on my driver swing speed and my golf scores in the few times I have played have been way up. Lastly I have lost significant strength on my 4 basic lifts: squat, dead lift, overhead press and bench press. With all that being said, now that the holidays are coming to an end I am ready to get back on track. I feel healthy from the surgery and back pain and my son has gotten on a good enough routine so now seems like a good time to run this case study. I will be enlisting the help of a Precision Nutrition certified nutritional coach to guide me along the way with my eating habits but will not be following any particular diet.

Always Measure

I want to highlight the importance of having some kid of assesment before making any type of change to your golf swing or your body. You have to know where you are starting in order to set goals and track progress. I will be measuring and tracking the following items every 4-5 weeks for a total of 3 months:

K vest swing testing

Driver swing speed 10 swing avg.

7 iron swing speed 10 swing avg.

Waist measurement

Body weight

Standing Long jump

Squat 3 rep max

Deadlift 3 reps max

Bench 3 rep max

OH press 3 rep max

Max set pullups


My Training Plan

My training will consist of 3 days of week lifting with the following alternating cycle Week 1 A-B-A Week 2 B-A-B

Workout A

Warm up: 5 minutes bike f/b 5-10 minutes movement

Back Squat 5 x 5

Bench 5 x 5

Barbell Rows 5 x 5

SL Quad dominant 10-15 x 3

Single arm KB sings 10/10 x 5

Loaded Carry 3 rounds

Workout B

Warm up: 5 minutes bike f/b 5-10 minutes movement

Front Squat 5 x 5

Oh press 5 x 5

Pullups 5 x failure

Deadlift 5 x 3

SL hip dominant 10-15 x 3

Single arm KB sings 10/10 x 5

Loaded Carry 3 rouds

Off Days

Off days will consist of 3 days of sprint training via bike or running and super speed stick protocol. I will also commit to 3 hours a week minimum working of golf game consisting of 50% short game and 50% full swing based on my k vest evaluation and subsequent guidance for James Leitz P.G.A. whom I work alongside


It is important to have measurable and attainable goals I always like to set my big goals in 90 day blocks based off of the measurements I am taking. I will have weekly goals of meeting my workout and nutritional plans each week as well. My 3 month goals will be:

Improved K vest numbers: proper transition sequence hips torso arms club, pelvic bend WNL at address, WNL upper body turn and side bend at impact. Decreased back bend at top of backs wing

Driver Swing Speed: 106 mph

7 iron swing speed: 90 mph

Body weight: 175

Waist around belly button: 33 inches

Squat 3 rep max: 225 x 3

Deadlift 3 rep max: 315 x 3

Bench Press: 205 x 3

OH press 3 rep max: 135 x 3

Max set pullups: 10 repetitions

Standing long jump: 74 inches

Handicap: 8

Measurements Week 1 Week of 12/25-12/31

K vest: Transitional sequence Hips, club torso arms, Pelvic bend at address 7 deg. WNL 12-27 deg, Upper body turn at impact 17 degrees WNL 26-34 degrees, upper body bend at top of backswing 3 degrees extended WNL 2-15 degrees forward bent,

Driver Swing Speed: 101 mph

7 iron swing speed 88 mph

Waist around belly button measurement: 37 inches

Body weight 185 lbs

Standing Long Jump: 70 inches

Squat 3 rep max: 185 x 3

Deadlift 3 rep max: 275 x 3

OH press 3 rep max: 120 x 3

Bench press 3 rep max: 165 x 3

Pulllups max set: 6 reps

Handicap 10.5


These numbers are a significant drop from where I was in the summer where my Driver speed was 105-106, my DL 1RM was 345, my squat 3RM was 225, my bench 3 RM was 215 and my OH press 3 RM was 135. Therefore my initial goals are just to get back to that point. I will be updating every 4-5 weeks on my measurements and progress. I will be tracking all workouts in my workout journal and progressing within workouts as well as workout to workout based on an RPE scale. In this scale I will use a number between 1 and 10 to determine the intensity of each set to help guide within workout progressions as well as workout to workout progressions. I personally look forward to this challenge as well as getting back on track with both my health and fitness and golf game. Also the idea of putting this out to the public will help hold me accountable throughout this process.

Hope this information helps if you are interested in getting evaluated by a TPI professional and getting your body in better condition both for golf as well as overall health and function feel free to contact us at 985 235 7130 or via email at For more information on what we do head over to For more information on what TPI is about visit their site Also check out our sister site for some great golf and golf fitness related apparel.


John Paul Guidry DPT CSCS TPI