Strength Training and Injury Prevention

Strength Training and Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention in Golf and Sport

I recently came upon a great article from Nick Buchan and Alex Ehlert of Stronger Golf discussing strength training and Injury prevention in golf and sports. While there is a lot of debate out there whether golfers working out is helping them or hurting them the data clearly points toward the helping part. While there are a few high profile players known for working out who have battled injuries lately there is a much longer list of those who workout and lift weights of moderate to heavy loads that aren't injured.

Injury prediction and prevention is a bit of a marketing buzzword these days with a number of screening process being designed a sold on the premise that they can predict injuries. But when those screens are put under the research microscope they all have limitations when it comes to the claims that they make. The reality is a certain percentage of injures in all of sport are due to chance regardless of the athletes training. On top of that one of the biggest predictors of injury is a previous injury. Both are things that are outside of our control.

If you look at the research data presented in the article below, to put it as simply, the greatest number of injuries sustained by golfers are overuse in nature. When you look at the research regarding minimizing overuse injuries, strength training has the greatest effect. One thing i have learned in my career as a physical therapist, is the best thing i can do for an athlete returning to any sport from an injury is get them as strong as possible for the necessary movements required for their sport. Simply put "You cant go wrong getting strong".

Where the screens, such as the TPI screen that I use, come in to play is telling us what areas i may need to address first or most often. Outside of that my goal is to get people stronger, especially in the basic movements of the squat, hinge, press, pull and carry. We know through research and experience that a well designed and progressed strength training program will be any athletes best friend in not only minimizing injury but also in improving performance in their sport. The loads will be different for everyone but should be substantial enough in all cases in order to produce a strengthening effect.

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John Paul Guidry DPT CSCS TPI