The Importance of Pelvic Control in the Golf Swing

The Importance of Pelvic Control in the Golf Swing

The Importance of Pelvic Control and Mobility in the Golf Swing.

I wanted to share a little bit about how the pelvis works with the golf swing and the importance of having the mobility and control needed to make those movements. The two main movements that the pelvis goes through in the golf swing are anterior/posterior pelvic tilting and rotation. For example in the downswing, in tour level players, the pelvis is going from anterior to posterior tilting all while rotating and both happening at very high speeds. Having the ability to perform and control these movements not only helps the golfer better get into the positions and make the movements necessary for an efficient, repeatable golf swing but also takes a lot of stress off of the low back.

In light of Charley Hoffman's performance in this past weekend's President Cup win for USA I am sharing a video and article below from TPI on how they test and train him to better control the movement of his pelvis in his golf swing. Herein lies the importance of getting properly evaluated by a qualified TPI professional to help point out these limitations and build a program for you to improve upon those limitations so that you can play better golf without pain.

Check out the article here:'s_body-swing_connection

So please check out the article and video and as always if you have any questions or are interested in getting evaluated by TPI medical professional feel free to contact me at or 985 235 7130. Don't forget to check us out at and find us on Facebook and Instagram. Also head over to to check out our new Golf Fitness and Performance apparel store.   John Paul Guidry DPT CSCS TPI Guidry Golf and Sport