Winter time, time to get your body golf ready.

Winter time, time to get your body golf ready.

Winter Time, time to get you body golf ready.

Although here in Louisiana we don't really have a true winter for a lot of people this time of year the clubs go in the closet or at the very least your frequency of playing decreases. I know for me, if the temperature drops in the 50's or below it is hard to convince myself to get out there. One good thing about winter is it is a great time to give your body a little break from swinging the golf club and get in better shape for the spring when the clubs come back out.

For high levels golfers the winter is generally considered the off season. This is a great time to shift the focus of your workouts while your body gets a break from playing golf and make significant improvements in strength,mobility and conditioning. Off season workouts should be focused on building strength, improving mobility and movement quality, addressing any limitations and improving overall conditioning regardless of what level of golfer you are. For a high level golfer in season vs off season training will differ significantly where as for the recreational golfer this difference will be minimal if any at all.

The biggest focus of off season workout is getting stronger. Improving strength especially in the main lifts (squat, dead lift, overhead press, chest press, rows and pull ups) will not only help add speed and distance to your golf game but also help to build resiliency and protect you from injury. We know through tons of research that getting stronger in all areas is the most effective way to reduce injury especially the non traumatic repetitive injuries common to golf and very safe when properly performed and loaded regardless of what Brandel Chamblee says.

A sample off season program should consist of 2-4 days a week of:

Exercises focused on improving overall strength levels in the main lifts (Low Reps and High Loads)

Improve movement quality, mobility and stability where needed.

Addressing any limitations that continued through or developed during the season.

Getting in better condition. (High and low intensity endurance training)

So take this winter to really focus on getting yourself stronger, moving better and in better condition and see how you golf game takes off next spring. If you are interested in learning how to get your body golf ready during the winter off season give us a call at 985 235 7130 or email me at and let me help you hit the ball farther, play more consistently and play without pain.

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John Paul Guidry DPT CSCS TPI