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Through his knowledge as a physical therapist and his training with the NSCA and TPI, John Paul Guidry DPT CSCS TPI can help you improve your performance as well as assist you in getting back to the course, field or court after injury and return play pain free. We offer in person training in the St. Tammany parish area as well as online options for:
  • Golf and sport specific performance training
  • Fitness coaching for general health and fitness related goals including weight loss, muscle building, or just looking and feeling better
  • Post Rehab Training
  • Nutritional Coaching
Although John Paul Is a licensed Physical Therapist we do not offer physical therapy services. These services are performance training, post rehab training and general fitness goals only. If you are in need of Physical therapy medical services you can contact Guidry Physical Therapy which is located at 61700 Hwy 434 Unit D Lacombe, LA at 985-882-8427 or seek a Physical Therapist more convenient to your area.

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feel and move better and/or hit the ball further?

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