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Is Online Training Right for You?

In a world where technology is constantly evolving and changing, in-person training has become more of a choice rather than a necessity. While I still think one on one or small group in-person training is the highest quality option, online training has evolved so much that the drop off in quality is minimal if at all.

While I love working in person with my clients, having the ability to train clients online allows me to help many more people that cannot reasonably access me due to location or financial concerns.

What does Guidry Golf and Sport online training involve?

In a nutshell, it is basically having your workouts delivered to you via an app on your phone, tablet or computer. These workouts are still individualized for each client’s needs and goals based off of an in-person or skype based evaluation or email questionnaire just as my in-person clients receive.

The workouts consist of videos of each exercise, sets, reps, rest periods and weights similar to if you had a coach there with you. These workouts can be designed to be performed in the convenience of your home with minimal equipment or in a fully stocked gym to fit anyone’s needs. The app allows you to track your workouts, weights, sets, and reps as well as your body weight and measurements if desired. This gives you a way to track all of these metrics and see where progress is being made in real-time.

All online training comes with basic nutritional coaching, weekly check-ins, 24/7 email support and messaging through the app and a monthly 30 min skype or phone call.

If you still want the occasional one on one training we also offer a hybrid program where you receive the online training as well as a minimum of 2 up to 4 in-person training sessions a month at a reduced rate.

For our online training, we offer month to month pricing as well as custom packages to fit each person’s goals and needs.

Are there any cons to online training?

The biggest drawback to online training is the lack of real-time coaching on form, progressions, and regressions of exercises and modifications if needed based on how the client presents to the workout. We limit this by allowing 24/7 messaging and email access so if a problem arises it can be addressed as soon as the workout is over before the next workout comes.

While it will never replace the quality of a good in-person session, online training is a great option for those who don’t have access to us due to their location or are looking for a more affordable but still high-quality training option over in-person training.

We offer a variety of in-person and online training options to fit your needs. Head over to our website at and see what we have to offer. If you have any questions feel free to reach out at

Don’t forget to check us out at and find us on social media: Facebook: @guidrygolfnsport

Also, head over to to check out our new Golf Fitness and Performance apparel store.

John Paul Guidry DPT CSCS TPI Guidry Golf and Sport

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