Corporate Wellness Programs

Let us help you build a healthier, more satisfied, and more productive workforce!
All delivered through our virtual online training app.

I am a physical therapist and strength coach with over 13 years of experience dealing with athletes, general population, and workplace injuries. 


My expertise when it comes to injury reduction, health, wellness, and performance improvement can help you and your employees improve their overall health and well being.

By doing this through consistent exercise, improving nutritional habits, improved sleep, improved mindset, and building positive healthy habits your employees will:

  • Improve performance in their job

  • Decreased missed days due to sickness

  • Improve recovery from sickness/injury

  • Reduce incidents of both on-site work-related and off-site injuries

  • Decrease lost time and healthcare costs

Our Programs Include access for your employees to:

Step-By-Step instructions and guidance on exactly how to achieve your goals from a highly sought-after fitness and performance coach, accessible from any PC, laptop, cell phone, or tablet.


Start with an assessment for pain, injury, weight loss and/or performance


  • Get a detailed medical, health and performance history

  • Gain understanding your current situation and goals


You will have exclusive access to our training and tracking app where you can track your workouts, measurements, habits, progress pictures, and have messaging access to your coach.


Individualized Programming based off of your assessment, goals, and needs

  • Exercise and activity modifications and implementation

  • Consistent Nutritional coaching and guidance

  • Habit Tracking

  • Accountability via 24/7 messaging access, weekly email follow-ups, and phone calls which are great for those small questions that pop up


​Exclusive, members-only content such as training videos, mindset help, dietary adjustments, healthy recipes, and much, much more.

A private community of your employees who are working together on their goals for accountability and support