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Enjoy the Process

"The purpose of life is to enjoy the passing of time"

I recently heard this quote and it was phrased around health and fitness

Here are my takeaways from this quote.

We eat and train in order to perform our best and be able to enjoy the activities that are meaningful to us.

Therefore we shouldn't be making ourselves miserable doing so.

We should enjoy the process.

Personally, i try to eat healthy because I want to look, feel and perform my best. But i also enjoy pizza and beer and will not give that up to have a six-pack

I train regularly so I can perform well in sports and in life. I want to be able to run, jump, lift, throw, kick, climb, etc with my kids and hopefully my grandkids.

I want to be able to hit bombs, play as much golf as I want without limitation and play forever

But that doesn't mean I am going to beat myself up if I miss a workout or two

Depending on our goals there are certain boxes we need to check to get there but we don't need to make ourselves miserable to reach those goals either

If you want to lose weight you have to take in fewer calories than you burn but you can still eat foods you enjoy in doing so

If you want to gain swing speed you need to resistance train and spend time moving fast but missing a workout here and there isn't going to kill you

Doing something will always trump nothing even if somedays that something isn't the best thing

There are days I only get one lift in and that's my workout

As I sit here and write this I was planning on lifting today but instead, I am going to play golf because it is a beautiful day.

Now I will get up tomorrow and get my workout in and that's ok

We still need consistency in training, nutrition, activity, etc but we don't have to be perfect and we have a lot of room to move things around to still stay consistent

So remember why you are doing this, enjoy the process even though at times it may not be your favorite thing to do, do the things you need to do and do them consistently but know you will not be perfect.

Eat good food.

Drink good drink.

Smile and laugh

Work hard and stay consistent

Do the things you love to do. Your training should just support those things

Get Strong. HIt Bombs. Play Forever.

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