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My Journey to Better Golf

I have not really had any specific training goals over the last few months as I have been basically been in a maintenance phase since covid. Some has been due to lacking of real motivation and some has been due to being busy with my new business venture. But regardless, I am now committing to making progress in strength, power, speed and bodyweight over the next 6 months.

I will also be committing to working on some much-needed swing improvements in that time frame and hopefully come out next spring being able to play some better golf. For me my swing speed is more limited due to poor mechanics than it is physical capabilities.

I will build my training around getting strong in the main lifts, getting powerful via med ball throws, jumps, and Oly lift derivatives and speed via under/overspeed training, band work and Speed specific practice.

I will be performing Re-assessments every 4 weeks to track my progress.

Goals in 6 months

HCP 6 Driver 112 mph avg and 120 mph max Bodyweight 195 to 200 lbs. Belly 34 inches Bench 3RM 235lbs lbs. Overhead press 3RM 185lbs Split squat 3RM 225 lbs. Trap bar DL 3RM 400 lbs. Pullups 3RM BW + 100lbs

Date 10/27/20 Initial Testing

· Hcp 9.2 · Bodyweight 181.2 lbs. · Belly 34.5 inches · Vertical 19.4 inches · Vertical Right 10.9 inches · Vertical Left 9.8 inches · Seated 10lb med ball chest pass 213 inches · Swing Speed Light 132 mph max · Swing Speed Medium 127 mph max · Swing Speed Heavy 119 mph max · Driver 105 mph avg 111 mph max · Bench press 3RM 195 lbs. · Overhead press 3RM 125 lbs. · Trap Bar Deadlift 3RM 325 lbs. · Split Squat 3RM 150 lbs. · Pullups 3RM bodyweight plus 40lbs

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