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The Science Behind Performance Training for Golf

Updated: Apr 20

Thanks to Alex Ehlert, Chris Bishop. Jack Wells and Simon Brearly for putting together this new golf research about biomechanics and physical requirements of the golf swing.

You can read the article here:\

Here are some take aways from their findings:

1) Having greater X-factor stretch (ability to separate lower body from upper body) increases clubhead speed via improved stretch shortening cycle, better sequencing and increased hand path (IMO this is not done by resisting the lower body in the backswing but rather get a full turn going back and proper sequencing during transition and downswing).

2) Golfers who exhibit earlier movement of center of pressure towards front foot in the downswing have greater club head speed. (They get pressure to their lead leg earlier) Also, higher vertical ground reaction force in the lead leg early in the downswing results in higher clubhead speed (squat then jump).

3) Important muscle groups in the swing: internal & external obliques. Hamstrings, glutes, adductors, pecs (I have also seen studies showing the lats, triceps and lead arm posterior shoulder as highly important muscle groups as well.

4) Most common injury is the lower back. Improving mobility of the thoracic spine and hips are key in taking undue stress off of the low back.

5) Lower body strength and power & upper body strength and power are positively correlated with clubhead speed (squats, deadlifts, lunges, bench press, rows, pullups, jumps and med ball throws).

These are all things that have always been staples in all of my in-person and online training programs. If you are interested in finding out more about them you can email me at johnpaul@guidrypt,com or head to www,

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