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The top 5 reasons you are not seeing progress form your workouts.

Top 5 reasons for why you are not seeing results in the gym!!!!

Not making progress from your workout routine can be very frustrating and disheartening. I have put together what are in my opinion the top 5 reasons progress isnt being made fro a workout routine.

1️⃣ Not consistent enough

The problem: This is generally a result of you either not sticking to your plan and not showing up on a regular basis or hopping around from program to program.

The Fix: Schedule your workouts as you would any other important appointment. Commit to times, days and frequencies that work best for your schedule but also be willing to be flexible if needed. Lastly, get guidance on a program that works for you and stick to it for at least 16 weeks before making any major changes

2️⃣ Not doing workouts that fit your needs and goals

The Problem: Just doing any workout you see on social media or that you find on the internet.

The Fix: Have an idea of what your goals are, get evaluated by a qualified professional and have them design a workout specifically for your needs, wants and goals.

3️⃣ Not having enough intensity in your workouts

The Problem: You either treat your workout as a social hour spending more time on your phone or chatting than actually working out or don't really push yourself during your workouts.

The Fix: Have a plan going into each workout. Not only have a set plan of exercises, sets and reps but also set rest times and set a timer to track them. Use an RPE scale like the one below and stay in the 6 to 9 levels for all working sets.

4️⃣ You are taking in too many calories and not enough protein

The Problem: Most people severely underestimate how many calories they take in during a day meaning that unless you are actually tracking them you are probably taking in more than you think. The other common issue that I see is most people don't take in enough protein daily to support their exercise and activity levels.

The Fix: Start by tracking calories and protein first. I recommend using the My fitness pal app or something similar. Try to get 1g of protein for your goal body weight per day and once you have an idea of how many calories you are taking in, decrease that number by 100-200 at a time until weight loss starts or increase it by 100-200 a day until weight gain starts. A good sustainable goal is averaging 1-2 lbs of gain or loss a week. As always getting guidance and accountability here helps as well.

5️⃣ You aren't recovering properly

The Problem: You aren't getting enough quality sleep, not getting the proper amount of recovery/rest days, don't have control of your mental health, not eating to support your workouts and/or don't have good social relationships.

The Fix: Make sleep a priority getting 7-8 quality hours a night. Work in rest/recovery days and even weeks as needed to let your body rest. Get help from the proper professionals with managing stress, anxiety, and depression via counseling, mediation, relaxation techniques, prayer, and medication if needed. Eat well, see #4 on this list and lastly take time for socializing, spending time around positive people who will support you and your journey rather than those that will bring you down.

As always it is much easier not to go at this alone. Having guidance is a great way to solve all of these mistakes and ensure you are doing what is best for you to reach your goals. My job and goals are to be a guide and a teammate for my clients so that they are never alone in their journey. If you need help in any of these areas please contact me at 337 274 3639 or email me at

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