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The World We Are Living In

We are living in a very surreal situation.

As someone who has lost a significant portion of my income with the shutdown and is grinding to pivot and move forward, I am in an evergoing internal struggle of what is best.

Every day of closure that goes by puts a lot of people in more of a dire financial situation, myself included. Although I know there are many more people out there worse off than me. There are inherent risks with most decisions we make in life although not all are life or death. That being said some degree of the shutdown was and is necessary to flatten the curve and slow the overwhelm of the medical system.

But the reality is the virus isn't going anywhere and we can't keep the country shut down for a significant amount of time, therefore, decisions will have to be made that will probably cause a certain amount of deaths (how much more than would have happened anyway we will never know) to ensure the financial stability of our society.

As we have seen, we can't rely on the government nor should we, to have our backs. This is an unfortunate situation without a real good short term outcome regardless of whatever decisions are made and given our government's proclivity to inject politics over logic and reason into all situations I'm not real confident in any decisions being made by them on either side of the aisle moving forward.

So I try to put my head down, keep positive, make sure my children are fed, clothed and safe, focus on what I can control and keep moving forward every day.

I think that is all we can do.

If you are struggling with your health and wellness during this time please reach out

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