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Why I’m passionate about helping golfers perform their best, get healthy and stay in the game!

Its 530pm on a Sunday as I sit here and type this. I just dropped my kids off at their mothers after a long stretch with them. After 3 years being divorced these days still get to me and I struggle mentally to get through the evening. Granted, I am luckier than a lot of parents as I get 50/50 custody of my kids but the 50%, I don’t get to see them hasn’t really gotten any easier in that time.

I generally come to my office on these Sunday nights for one reason because I know I can get lost in some work, workout and working on my game until its time to go to sleep. I’ve done this pretty much every Sunday that I have been open. Every now and then a buddy will join me, and we will play some holes or practice on the simulator.

I have written previously about my struggles with mental health mainly depression and anxiety and these Sunday nights after dropping off my kids its as bad as it can usually get. I have fortunately learned how to manage that and usually get back to a better place by Monday morning.

In my adult life and especially the last three years golf and fitness have gotten me threw some very dark times. No matter how bad I perceive things to be I can put my hands on a barbell or golf club, and I know at least for a period of time I can eliminate some of that negative energy. That along with the social connections and very close friends I have made because of the game of golf, make me forever in debt to it.

Therefore, I have developed this passion for helping others perform at their best and stay in the game for as long as they live. I know how much it means to me and to the hundreds of clients I have worked with over my career.

I do this through fitness by helping golfers improve their mobility, strength and power leading to more distance, less pain and longevity not only in golf but in life. On tope of keeping my clients on the course my goal is to help make them the best person, parent, grandparent they can be so they can handle whatever life throws at them as they become healthy and resilient human beings.

My goal locally is to build a place that golfers can come and work on their body and their game. A place where they can push other golfers to be the best version of themselves. Where they can become not only better golfers but better fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, employees, business owners and human beings. My goal through the Guidry Golf and Sport coaching app is to be able to help golfers all over the world do the same. I will continue to work hard to continue to build a product that delivers all of this.

I love the iron and I love the game of golf.

I love the challenges that both provide me.

I love the constant pursuit of strength in the gym and improvement on the golf course.

I love the competition both with myself and with others.

Lastly, I love helping others find a love for both as well.

Dr JP Guidry DPT TPI

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