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Remote Online and In Person Coaching and Physical Therapy Services

Performance Assessment
Getting to where you want to go starts with understanding where you are now. We begin with a comprehensive

evaluation that encompasses a detailed, holistic picture of your past and current health and fitness status.
Your assessment includes…


Review of your current state and lifestyle habits, past challenges, goals, and unique attributes


A full body assessment to understand your biomechanics, and quality of movement, and identify any limitations. Quantifying your mobility, strength, speed, and power expression abilities


State-of-the-art full-body power and velocity testing with the brand new Proteus Motion Machine


Swing and ball speed with Video and Launch monitor assessment of your swing. Bat speed, Throwing velocity, Jump and sprint testing


Based on the results of your assessment

Find out what limitations are holding you back from looking, feeling, and playing your best, and get a clear cut solution to those limitations to get you on your way to hitting more bombs, playing without pain and playing forever

One on One and Group in-person training sessions to get you more distance, less pain and increased longevity.


Hybrid and Virtual Coaching Programs


Step-By-Step instructions and guidance on exactly how to achieve your goals from a highly sought-after fitness and performance coach, accessible from any PC, laptop, cell phone, or tablet.

You will have exclusive access to our training and tracking app where you can track your workouts, measurements, habits, and progress pictures, and messaging access to your coach. Individualized Programming based off of your assessment, goals, and needs

  • Exercise and activity modifications and implementation

  • Consistent Nutritional coaching and guidance

  • Habit Tracking

  • Accountability via 24/7 messaging access, weekly email follow ups, and phone calls which are great for those small questions that pop up

Exclusive, members-only content such as training videos, mindset help, dietary adjustments, healthy recipes, and much, much more.

A private community of people - just like you - who are working together on their goals for accountability and support. 

Team/Group Plans

 This is great for high school and college teams who want to be able to have access to our great remote   online training programs but with the added ability to communicate through the app in a team or group   atmosphere and all at reduced team rates.

Our Happy Clients


"I have been with Dr. Guidry working with his workouts and nutrition plan, and I have made amazing strives. My golf handicap has gone from 14.8 to 8.7. I have gained about 13 yards on my Drives. My weight has gone from 197 lbs. to 181 lbs. My stamina has improved. A lot of my friends have said I look so much younger than 67 years old."


"I have worked with the Guidry Golf and Sport online program for 7 months. With this easy to follow program, I am in the best golf shape I have ever been in.  If you or your junior golf athlete are looking to get over the hump or just improve your overall health, I highly recommend reaching out to Guidry Golf and Sport." 


"So, I walked over to the course by my house with a shag-bag and a 9-iron. Set it up at 140. Overshot. Moved to 150 started studying them, but then they were flying the stick again. Backed it to 160, just to see what would happen, and knocked it to 7 feet. Bruh!!!!"

"I've NEVER been able to get past 145 before and stay accurate, and especially not without trying to kill it. Thanks to your program I am adding distance without losing accuracy"

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