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Interview with Pro Golfer Brandon Pierce

Interview with Pro Golfer Brandon Pierce

For those that don't know Brandon, he is currently a professional golfer and current client of mine. He has had a very successful junior, high school and college golf career, even being part of a National Championship team while at LSU. He is now chasing his dream of playing professional golf on the PGA tour. He is currently playing some mini tour events while gearing up for the Korn Ferry Tour Q school in October. Over his career he has gone through his share of struggles and is one of the hardest working athletes that I have had the pleasure of working with. It was great to get hear a little about his golf journey.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you ended up getting into golf?

My dad started me in golf at a young age, cause he wanted to go play golf but had to take of me. I would ride around the course with him and eventually he gave me a little cut down 6 iron to mess around with and the rest is history as they say.

2. Did you play any other sports growing up and if so how do you feel they helped your golf skills?

I played almost every sport you can think of growing up, although golf always had most of my interest. Playing multiple sports throughout my life has definitely made my golf swing more athletic. Not only did I develop an athletic motion, sports in general create a mental attitude to win and once you learn how to win you can do anything. 

3. Tell us a little bit about your career in junior golf, high school, college golf?

I was out at the golf course everyday after school till dark, loving every second of being outside and trying to improve my skills so that I could compete in tournaments. Every level of golf I’ve played in has been a bigger and better challenge. Local junior golf I was winning a high percentage of the events I played, which grew my confidence. High school golf was easy for me, I would be upset if I didn’t win every week. As soon as I started playing these national events all over the country it became a real challenge to compete and win at that level. It wasn’t until going into my senior year of high school did I figure out how to do so. College golf was another level of golf I had to figure out and it did not come easy. Once again you think you’re really good on the smaller scale/league that you are in but once you get to the next level everyone is that good. It happens at every stage and you have to persevere. College golf was really a fun experience, probably the most fun you’ll ever have in this game. It was just awesome being able to be part of a team where everyone is pushing each other towards the same goal. 

4. Tell us a little bit about your experience now playing professionally and how it differs from college golf.

Professional golf for me is way different from D1 college golf not due to the competition level but rather your schedule, and the fact you don’t have a team backing you up and everyone around you pushing you forward. It’s lonely out on the road year round, you have to like being alone a good majority of the time. At LSU I was rarely by myself practicing, there was someone always there grinding beside you. You had anything and everything you needed to play well. From snacks, clubs, mental coaching, great workout facilities, everyone in the athletic program was working for you to improve you so that you could preform at your highest level for LSU. College golf was way more luxurious.

5. When did you start taking fitness seriously and how has helped you and your game?

I started working out my senior year going into LSU so I could keep up with everyone once I got there and started taking it seriously once I got into college. Physically being able to handle just the stress of the golf swing year round is a challenge in itself. Working out and being flexible enough to continue day in day out has been really important in reaching my ever growing goals. Golf now is a game of brute power and strength, if you look at most of the guys out there: everyone is strong and flexible, hits the ball over 300 yards, and mentally tough. Fitness helps me improve these aspects of my game.

6. What advice would you give to junior golfers out there who have aspirations of playing at the high school, college and professional levels?

Whatever level of golf you’re trying to get to, it’s all about being competitive, being fit, and just being tough. That golf ball does not know what you look like, who you are, or how you swing the club, all it knows how the club hits it. No one cares how you swing, just put the ball in the hole as quick as you can with what you do best and believe it what you do. 

7. Is there anything else you want to add for the readers out there?

The purpose of golf is not to shoot under par, even par, or even just to break 80. The main purpose of this great sport is to give you a daily challenge, and test your ability to endure obstacles throughout the round without giving into the emotion that it brings.

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