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Long Term Athletic and Fitness Development

Long Term Athletic and Fitness Development

Long term athletic and fitness development starts with understanding the needs and goals of the athlete or person and the physical attributes needed to perform the sports and activities that they enjoy. Next, you assess the individual and determine their strengths and weaknesses as it pertains to their sport and/or goals. Once you have an idea of each person's needs and goals and have assessed them, you then design a program based around those needs and goals. The program will focus on continuing to build strengths and bringing up the weaknesses as well as focusing on general health and wellness. Lastly, you constantly reassess and progress, regress or modify the program based on changes in each individual's goals, needs, and presentation. For a golfer trying to improve clubhead speed it would look like this: 1. Determine the needs - Lower body strength and power, upper body strength and power, rotational power, mobility, and intent. 2. Assess the client - look at how the client moves through the ankles, hips, pelvis, thorax, and shoulders. Assess the strength and power of each area of the body and the body as a whole and lastly, assess current swing speed. 3.  Develop a program - This would focus on lower body strength and power (squats, lunges, deadlifts, jumps), upper body strength and power (bench press, push-ups, rows, pullups, overhead press, med ball throws), Rotational power (med ball and cable rotations for speed and power) and speed swings (using some kind of feedback via speed radar). 4. Reassess - Each training session is an assessment in itself in seeing how the client performs and responds. Generally, a full reassessment is done as early as 4 to 6 weeks potentially up to every12 weeks. After that necessary changes are made to the program to ensure the client is staying on track. If you are: ✔Tired of underperforming and being in pain. ✔Not happy with how you look and feel. ✔Needing help with changing your habits and reaching your goals. Then head to the link below and set up a free call.

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