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New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year!!!!

I know New Years Resolutions are hard to stay on track and for that reason, I want to help hold you accountable for reaching your goals in 2020. That is why I am offering a free nutritional consult. All you need to do is keep a food diary tracking everything that you eat and drink for 3 days and send it to me at for analysis. I will respond with a free guide on where you need to make changes in your diet and nutritional habits to get you started in 2020.

On top of this, I wanted to send out an email on goal setting to help get you on track for 2020.

Personally, there are a few rules that I like to follow when setting goals

1. I like to set long term (1yr) and short term goals (12 weeks)

2. Make sure the short term goals are more realistic than the long term

3. Have a realistic plan together to reach your goals

4. Make as many of your goals quantifiable and measurable

5. Revisit and edit goals as needed every 12 weeks

Below is a video that I did on that very subject.

I also released a new podcast episode discussing my year, a year-end exercise that I perform and more on goal setting.



Every good strength coach and trainer I know utilizes other coaches to help guide thier training and hold them accountable.

If us coaches need that guidance and accountability then what makes you think you can do it without it.

CLICK BELOW 👇 to set up a free phone call to discuss how i can help you reach your goals in 2020

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