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Physical Prep for Junior Golfers

Today, I want to talk a little bit about physical prep for junior golfers. I work with Junior golfers of all ages: College, High School, and even younger junior golfers. When we talk about training for junior golfers we are talking long-term athletic development which is really the main goal. The older they get the more specified we're going to get with strength and power training and "golf specific"stuff. With that being said the humber one goal will always be to make sure they have fun and that we help them build a love for the game of golf and love for fitness and exercise that will go beyond their competitive playing days .At each level, we are trying to prepare them physically for thier current demand as well as the demands of the next level they will get to. My goal with them, as will all of my clients, is to make sure that they are physically they're ready for whatever comes at them.

Basic Level Training.

This is going to be your younger or less developed junior golfers. In this group we are really just focsing on basic athleticism, coordination, body awareness and building movement knowledge base and experties so that when they are ready to start to load thes movements they can progress more quickly and safely. We will look at basic movemetns and skills such as squatting, hinging, push ups, rows, throwing, kicking, sprinting, jumping, landing, climbing and crawling. We will also start to introduce and getting them comfortable with swinging fast with maximum intent. To me this si the best skill that a young golfer can develop. i still try to promote to my kids to play multiple sports especially at these younger ages. Not all of them are going todo this so i try to provide some of that athleticism in those things that the other sports like: throwing, kicking, sprinting, jumping, catching all the things that are going to build hand eye coordination, body awareness, sequencing and things that i think are basic abilities we should have as human beings.

Junior High and High School Level

At this level we are now starting to load the kids in the basic movement patterns. We are also starting to get a little more specific and purposeful in our training programs geared toward mobility, strength and power development. We get strong in the basic lifts: Squat, Lunge, Deadlift, Presses, Rows and Pullups. We start to train rate of force development through med ball work, jumps, lifts with increased bar speed and olympic lift derivatives. They are also now trying to hone in the skills of golf requiring more practice time so we are helping to build abody that can support that while not taking away form thier ability to practice or play. We will also start to talk about nutirion for the sake of feuling for performance. Leanring how they need to fuel thier bdies on and off the course to play at thier best and have the energy needed to practice and train. We also still reinforce the basic athelticsim components for those that need it and still pushing for them to get comfortable swinging fast and going all out as a golfer.With that they are really starting to work on the golf sepcfic skills such as narrowing shot dispersion, contact, mechancis, skill work and shot making.

In conclusion

The main thing is I want the juniors i work with to enjoy working out and the pursuit of getting better, enjoy health and wellness, enjoy the game of golf and have fun. I out in games and competitons into my training to help drive up progress and enjoyment. I also want to e ba a postive factor in thier lives as they mature as goflers as well as human beings.

If you wnat to get your junior the advantage on and off the course I offer in-person one on one and small group coaching, online caoching through my customized app and hybrid in person/ online caoching packages. I work with atheltes all over the United States through my app as well as Juniors here locally in the Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coast area. Reach out to me via email me at or for more information head to my website at

Dr. JP Guidry DPT TPI FL2

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