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Where does Golf Fitness fit in?

What place does golf fitness have in a golfers plan?

What golfers and all athletes for that matter (outside of powerlifters and weightlifters) do in the gym is meant to support the skills needed for the sport and improve power output, movement skills and resiliency against injury. This involves doing things to improve the way the body moves as is needed for each athletes sport, improving strength in the basic movement patterns (squat, hinge, push and pull) which helps build resilience against injury and builds a base for power development and lastly training specifically for speed/power development to maximizes the athletes ability to create and absorb forces. 

To truly get better at the sport you must practice the skills needed for the sport in the conditions and settings that the sport is played in. While skill development will always be the biggest factor in improving performance both are needed in order to perform at your best. You still need to have the necessary skills to carry over the physical attributes gained in the gym over to the needs of the sport. 

Therefore it is important to maximize time in each are and understand where your priorities lie when it comes to devoting time where it is needed. It is also important to manage the strain you are putting on your body both form practice and the gym. 

Let's also not overlook the non-sport related physical and mental health benefits of a regular exercise program on top of all of that. In general, doing the following will not only help improve your athletic ability but also your overall health and well being.

Lifting weights (force x mass=acceleration) 🏋️‍♂️

Get your heart rate up regularly, move fast and move often ❤

Eating in a way that serves your goals but doesn’t make you feel your life is sad🍗🥩🥦

Stress management- channel it all into the gym then recover as well as you perform.

We all need to sleep.😴

It is fairly simple, it just isn’t easy.

Need help or guidance that is where I come in. A good coach or medical practitioner's ultimate goal should be to have their clients and patients not need or rely on them. Having a self-sufficient client is the highest compliment I can be paid. I eventually want everyone I work with to want to work with me but not need to work with me.

In the words of Dr. Bhrett McCabe

"Be the guide, not the guru"

So if you are ready to get started on your journey to better performance, more energy and better health head over to 

and let's hop on a phone call and see if I can help you reach your goals.  Guidry Golf and Sport

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